President's Messege

Estelle Dubuisson

What a pleasure to be able to inform you that our children who are attending the FCLH school are doing really well. You wouldn’t believe that children who don’t have parents to remind them to do their homework and to study could do so well in class. Certainly, they don’t have anyone to help them with schoolwork outside the classroom. In the photo below, you can see how happy they are during their recess time. >

Many parents are ready to get in line to register their children for the year that should start in September. It would be hard to turn them down, but we might have to do that because the donations FCLH receives have decreased tremendously.

We have always counted on the Good Lord to help our friends to provide the funds to help us to continue to educate the children in this school; and we still have that faith.

Although our school has only one classroom, children of various ages started their education at the same time. The older children seem to have more of an incentive to work hard when they see the younger ones learning and making progress.

Children Playing in The Schoolyard at Recess

(above) FCLH School Children in Class and at Recess

This year, the FCLH medical team went to Lascahobas at the end of April; examined and treated 650 patients. A Haitian ophthalmologist, who has joined the team, saw an additional 75 patients in May.

The team performed 40 surgeries and distributed 400 pairs of eyeglasses with corrective lenses. All this work was done at the re-opened the hospital in Lascahobas.

On the whole, mothers who are participating in the Cooperative Economic Groups (CEG) are doing well. Other women have applied and we will add to the groups when we identify the resources for them.

You will be happy to learn that the sows FCLH distributed last year were successfully mated and gave birth. The piglets survived and are growing. When we are able to raise enough money, we still want to buy some chickens. Eggs would add essential protein to the children’s diets. 

As always, we will appreciate any help that you give, whether money, school supplies, or referral to a new source of funds. Only our supporters allow FCLH to continue to help the destitute children of Lascahobas.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

Sincerely yours,

Estelle Dubuisson

FCLH Founder