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In order to serve our mission, Friends of the Children of Lascahobas, Haiti (FCLH) offers health and nutrition services to the town of 56,500. We are particularly concerned right now with decreasing infant mortality in Lascahobas and building the capacity of the hospital we donated to the town.

Nutrition and Education Program

We provide the high- protein mixture, known as Akamil, to feed the malnourished and destitute children of Lascahobas, Haiti. Akamil is the result of grinding beans together with rice or with corn, and it has been proven that Akamil curbs malnutrition in populations with deficient diets.

Local AKAMIL team

FCLH fully sponsors 14 children in elementary school, and also provides some assistance to individual children whose mothers request shoes, uniforms, and/or school supplies.

Nutrition      Nutrition


2013 Children in FCLH classroom with new uniforms.

Health Care Program

In 2000, FCLH was finally able to open the hospital we donated, but we are still in great need of hospital staff and other resources.

Since 1982, the FCLH medical team has:

Equipment and Facilities

FCLH has provided the following facilities to the town of Lascahobas, in addition to equipment ranging from x-ray machines to operating microscropes:

In 2000, 3117 patients received treament at the hospital FCLH donated.

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