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All walks of life crippled by Haiti earthquake Posted on 1/16/2010 17:20

With cell and landline phone service out, Haitians aoad flocked to the Internet to reach out to missing relatives and friends, vent their frustrations and express their hopes in the wake of last week's massive killer earthquake. read more

Haiti caregiver dispenses thanks to her supporters Posted on 10/24/2004 04:00:00

IT WAS HARD FOR ME to envision Estelle Dubuisson giving awards to others when her work - helping families in Haiti for 28 years - is an endeavor that is worthy of continuous praise and thanks. But Dubuisson recently said thank you to me and others who have aided her cause at the annual awards dinner of Friends of the Children of Lascahobas, Haiti, held at the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. read more