The Lascahobas Hospital

The Lascahobas Hospital The Need

For years, Lascahobans have had to get their year-round medical services from a resident doctor assigned annually from Port-au-Prince: A single doctor for a town of 56,500!

This doctor has had to face not only an enormous caseload of patients but also the lack of proper medical facilities and/or required medications.

With limited access to basic healthcare services and poor treatment, women still routinely die in childbirth and infant mortality is high. An improperly treated broken leg can lead to death from gangrene; untreated glaucoma results in blindness ... and typhoid and malaria are endemic, as is tuberculosis.

Our Response -- and Solution

It took much planning to slowly raise funds for its materials and construction. In 2003, the hospital was complete. We envisioned a place where not only the people of Lascahobas would receive care, but one where Haitian medical students and practitioners could receive training and hands-on experience while working in an area of need, thus empowering Haitians to end a long history of neglect.

After the earthquake in 2010, many Haitians fled the devastated city of Port Au Prince to rural surrounding areas. That year at the hospital, our volunteer doctors saw patients with extreme medical conditions who traveled from Port Au Prince and all parts of the nation to one of the few undamaged and operating medical centers. By providing this much-needed facility, it is our objective to:

  • Reduce the high level of infant mortality through prenatal care;
  • Provide preventive medical care through immunizations, routine diagnostics procedures and other medical interventions; and
  • Treat emergency or chronic medical case situations that up to now have resulted in unacceptably high number of fatalities and debilitating conditions.
  • Find out what facilities the hospital features and what equipment we have already obtained.

Dr. Kenneth C. Westfield, Director of FCLH Medical Operations, displaying hands-on leadership.